Friday, March 6, 2015


Popular Mechanics
The Robots Are Coming
Do robots need passports? The Pentagon's research arm will host two-legged automatons from five nations, including China, alongside homegrown ...
NPR (blog)
Robots giving back to humans...with jobs!
Spending on robots is seen rising to $67 billion by 2025 from an estimated $25 billion this year, according to Boston Consutling. Most of that spending ...
Fast Company
Self-driving car technology could end up in robots
The development of self-driving cars could spur advancements in robotics and cause other ripple effects, potentially benefitting society in a variety of ...
'MythBusters' hosts take giant spider robots out for a spin
Jamie Hyneman builds elaborate robot spiders, then races them with Adam Savage in the final episode of the "Jamie's Racing Spiders" Web series.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Robots liven up learning for Allegheny Valley students
Kyle Varga, a fifth grader at Colfax Upper Elementary School, watches his "Lego Lion"robot responding to his program to sit up.
Are walking, talking, feeling robots like Chappie in our future?
(Mar. 5, 2015) -- Coming to theaters Mar. 6, the film Chappie is about the first robot with the ability to think and feel for himself. The filmmakers claim ...
Rise of Robot Factories Leading 'Fourth Industrial Revolution'
Busy day? A million things to do? Well, here's depressing news: you'll probably mess up about 1,000 of them. That's what the research shows, at least: ...
News & Observer
'Chappie' robots the latest in long line of metal movie men
“Chappie,” opening today, is only the first movie about artificial intelligence hitting the multiplexes this year, with three others on the way. But these ...
Germ-killing robots make the rounds at Southern California hospitals
The robot pulses ultraviolet light to zap germs, including MRSA and Ebola, in rooms after a patient has been discharged. (Photo by Michael Owen ...
'MythBusters' hosts take giant spider robots out for a spin
We've been keeping an eye on "MythBusters" hosts Jamie Hyneman's progress in making robot spiders on his and co-host Adam Savage's website ...
Robots Are Going To Write The March Madness News You Read
Robots have always been synonymous with the future. From the Jetsons, to The Terminator, we have often thought of robots as the ultimate human ...
Consequence of Sound
Hollywood's Fear of Robot Sentience
With movies like CHAPPiE, Ex Machina and Avengers: Age of Ultron premiering soon, 2015 will inevitably be the year of robots. However, this is ...
Discovery News
Teaching Robots Teaches Kids
Who is the teacher: the student or the machine? By showing a robot how to write letters, children improve their writing skills and gain self — confidence ...
Wall Street Journal
Google Snubs Robotics Rivals, Pentagon
The Pentagon is backing a robot-building contest that it hopes will bolster ties to companies outside its usual supplier base. But when more than 20 ...
Delmarva Daily Times
Selbyville middle schoolers in the robotics spotlight
The students took part in the VEX Skyrise challenge, where they had to build and program robots that had to build towers and place cubes on poles.
Watches, robots suitcases: mobile gadget highlights
Tech companies showcased countless connected gadgets at the world's biggest wireless telecom fair, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which ...
Designing the dynamic human-robot relationship
Their conversation centers around the relationship dynamic between humans and robots, and they discuss ways that designers are being stretched in ...
How Praying Mantises Could Help Build Better Robots
A praying mantis insect lands on the center court as Rafael Nadal of Spain plays against compatriot Tommy Robredo during their men's quarter-final ...
CBS Local
High School Students Test Their Skills In Cal U Robot Competition
A convocation center full of robots, built by high school students – 1,200 of them on 54 ... Teams of students build robots that compete in a playing field.
None of Those Robots Will Need a Lawyer
I found the article “Jobs and the Clever Robot” (page one, Feb. 25) interesting, but I read it with only a detached interest regarding my own occupation ...
Lightly Buzzed
This is what it's like to have an adorable robot bring you room service at a hotel
Aloft calls its 3-foot-tall robots the “A.L.O. Botlr,” short for “robot butler.” Introduced last August, these robots weigh 100 pounds, have giant empty ...
Many scientists dismiss the fear of robots — here's why
The capabilities of the Atlas robot are demonstrated during the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence ...
Lake Wylie Pilot
Lecturers at Tega Cay Baptist confront life with technology, robots
Staley talked about the impact of robots in everyday society, for personal use and elder care. He cited a definitive move in society toward purchasing ...
Robot Sqaud” looking for help
ROCHESTER, Minn. – A local group of kids is hoping you can help them reach their next goal. The “Robot Squad” competes in FIRST Tech ...
Health Beat: Using robots to remove the esophagus
With one surgeon bedside and a second at the controls of the robot, incisions are made in the neck and the abdomen, and the esophagus is removed.
Let robots handle your mundane tasks
Let me introduce three ordinary household items, transformed into awesome gadgets by the power of technology. CHI Touch Screen Hair Dryer.
Local team wins Rookie Robotics Award
One of Midland's three new Robotics teams, Rogue Robots, won the Rookie All Star Award at the Standish District Competition held on Feb. 27 and 28 ...
Business Wire (press release)
Improving Patient Safety in the Operating Room; Xenex Germ-Zapping™ Robots at AORN Surgical ...
The Xenex germ-zapping robot is proven to quickly destroy the viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus and bacterial spores in operating rooms (ORs) that ...
Arab News
Watches, robots suitcases: Mobile gadget highlights
South Korean operator SK Telecom demonstrated a robot whose movements mimicked those of a person wearing a set of wireless sensors.
'First full family' of safe robots will open up new applications
The Californian robot-maker Precise Automation is launching what it describes as “the first full family of intrinsically safe benchtop collaborative robots” ...
Are robots taking our jobs? You betcha
Ingrid Rojas is a Colombian multimedia producer based in Miami. She spends her days either shooting, producing or editing all kinds of video content.
Irish Independent
Robots take over Tokyo Stock Exchange
By Yuji Nakamura & Toshiro Hasegawa Yuji Honkawa knew the humans were losing by April 2010, when no matter how fast he sent orders to be filled ...
Robotics Researchers Look To Animals To Make The Perfect Bots
PARIS — The little robot moves on unperturbed despite just being run over by a sport utility vehicle. Unlike similar machines with rigid structures, this ...
Algorithms and robots the future of financial advice, but startup barriers loom large
According to an Oxford University study published last year, there is a 58% chance that personal financial advisers will be replaced with robots in the ...
Daily Mail
The robotic SALAMANDER that could shed light on how dinosaurs walked - and may even help ...
The robot, called Pleurobot, (pictured) walks and swims in a life-like way that mimics the shy amphibious creatures. It was developed by recording 3D ...
Wisbech Standard
'Germ zapping robots' land at Queen Elizabeth Hospital King's Lynn
The germ fighting 'robots' take cleaning and decontamination to the next level by using high intensity UV-C rays to kill infectious germs in rooms ...
Students use STEAM to build robots
Clockworks, Kirksville's student robotics organization, gave a presentation to the crowd. The team and their robot, Horologium (latin for "clock") will be ...
The 411 Movies Top 5: The Top 5 Movie Robots
OPTIMUS PRIME – Whether in full animated cartoon form or as a giant “live action”robot in the Michael Bay Transformers movies, there are very few ...
Nintendo Life
Punching Robots (In 3D!) With The Virtual Boy's Teleroboxer
Well, what if it was in 3D and had robots? Teleroboxer makes this dream a reality. Watch as we duck, dip, dive duck and dodge some heavy-hitting ...
Robotics team takes sixth at state competition
Three of Somerset's four robotics teams qualified for the quarterfinals at the state meet held Feb. 20-21 at St. Francis Xavier High School in Appleton.
Do Savannah
Vox Populi: 'Could robots be why we have so many recalls on cars?'
“Big businesses are saying that they will be making more robots to replace workers in factories. Could robots be why we have so many recalls on cars ...